Wellness & SPA

Wellness & SPA

Relax and be revived! The Mala Garden Hotel **** Superior Wellness & Spa offers services that satisfy all your needs and provide you with unforgettable experiences.

The expression “Spa” originates from the Latin language and is the acronym of “sanus per aquam”, i.e. “health through water”.

Let the Pictures Speak


In reality it is a collective term, going beyond the classic concept of baths; it includes all services that relax and revitalise the guests, making them healthier and more balanced.

The Finnish sauna clad in steamed alder with Himalayan salt bricks does not only pamper the body but has a number of beneficial physiological effects as well. The salt crystal vapour in the air binds positively charged particles, cleaning the room’s air. The crystal salt in the sauna’s air also has a healing effect. It helps cure a number of diseases of the respiratory tract and can also be used to treat allergies and sleeping disorders. In addition, salt is a natural antihistamine.

Our infrared sauna utilising phototherapy will further improve your health through its beneficial physiological effects. Its benefits include burning calories, reducing pain, strengthening your immune system and circulation, fighting cellulite, making the skin more beautiful and relieving stress.

For those looking for a refreshing and relaxing dip in the water, we recommend our 7×3.3-metre pleasure pool, which provides absolute comfort with its geyser and jacuzzi features and built-in benches. Through the huge glass surface, the hills of the Balaton Uplands can be seen during the day, while the cities of the northern shore light up in the night to paint another beautiful panorama.

Feel free to ask for towels, sauna sheets and refreshing drinks at the wellness reception.

Our spa opens at 9:00 am, and until 10:00 and from 5:00 pm onwards we have silent hours, meaning only guests above the age of 12 may enter. We hope that guest coming with or without children will find the ideal hours for their best recreation.

Our massage therapists are at your service all day – you can book an appointment at the reception for a nice and relaxing foot, sole, head, neck, shoulder, or a refreshing Thai massage. For those preferring Swedish massage, our certified medical and wellness masseuse will provide a personalised treatment. She only works with organic products that are free of all harmful chemicals.

A Bose audio system ensures the perfect, soft and relaxing background music.